Cancer & Serendipity – in search of medicine man of Shimoga

How many promises of cure ? How many different ways to kill the cancer? How much economy and parallel economy running on the premise that there is relief somewhere? As soon as I had a fair understanding of the nature of the cancer my body had chosen to carry – I have known that life … More Cancer & Serendipity – in search of medicine man of Shimoga

You look good!!

Aahaa !! Sure I do. But do I look like myself?  Honestly, every time I catch my self in the mirror ( since the diagnosis) , its hard to recognize myself. It’s a surprise each and every time because in my brain, I am expecting another me. Yet when I see pictures from pre-diagnosis days- … More You look good!!

Real time Story

People never fail to amaze – human beings indeed have a unique way to perceive situations – most perceptions being based on self-absorption.  Conversations with people who are not a part of your daily life become both amusing and brutal – the brutality mostly escaping from my lips.  There are many many anecdotes but this … More Real time Story

Words and phrases

PositiveStrongBraveCourageousAuraEnergyBest is yet to be ( oh yeah)To lifeLife goes onEverything happens for a reasonRandomnessMiraclesYou never knowThis too shall passKarma?What ever will be will beDestinyFateWill powerInspirationMotivationNo worriesCheersPrayersThoughts HappinessHealthNegativityAnxietyEmotionsSpiritualityGraceDignityPainSuffering WHATEVER

Cancer Perks

Every cloud has a silver lining; night always ends with day; there is always a bright side to things and for the same reason cancer too comes with its perks. Suddenly you are living it up in fast forward and  bucket lists have to be mustered out of the depths of your heart ( point … More Cancer Perks

Cancer Advise

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the toughest health experience any one can have and in India it still connotes tears and dying and the end kind of scenario – which is true except that dealing with the disease doesn’t leave you much time to cry or think. Or even die. Because you still … More Cancer Advise

Cancer Luck

A few years ago – a little more than 4 actually – when A, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and the world was spinning in all directions and I was standing on my head trying to get a grip of the situation – the most common refrain was – he is LUCKY- it is … More Cancer Luck