Cancer Luck

A few years ago – a little more than 4 actually – when A, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and the world was spinning in all directions and I was standing on my head trying to get a grip of the situation – the most common refrain was – he is LUCKY- it is not spread. Oh well – never mind the 18 months of torturous treatment – we were riding our LUCK and taking the chances and options that seemed more practical.

Hardly had the dust settled on that one when I started exhibiting bizarre symptoms that pointed towards cancer. No one wins a lottery twice – right? ( though I recently read about a US couple who struck jackpot two times) but here we were- this time it was LUCKY that the cancer was IIIC and not IV. We are LUCKY people, aren’t we!!

Four and a half years into dealing with this has again and again shown us how LUCKY we are!! When A had a recurrence – LUCKY it was still contained. Every time I go for a scan, am told how LUCKY I am that it is not in my brain-;))

Cancer Luck. Stay with us.


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