Cancer Advise

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the toughest health experience any one can have and in India it still connotes tears and dying and the end kind of scenario – which is true except that dealing with the disease doesn’t leave you much time to cry or think. Or even die. Because you still have to live through the life you are left with. It is difficult for every one invested into your life – family, friends, colleagues and even acquaintances. Most people don’t know what to say and when they do it is usually in the form of advise. Lots of it.  At the moment have a list of 50+ things that should be eaten first thing in the morning; loads of foods to be avoided; various forms of exercise that include jumping on a trampoline; places to visit; alternate stuff- the kind that pulls out the cancer via your emotions( yes!! If only) ; things to wear; other things to be kept in your living area; words to be chanted; affirmations to be made; breath to be held and more breath to be exhaled..the list is non-ending. These are all well meaning suggestions even if not well digested. I welcome all advise – it makes me feel that the person is interested in my well being. They have made the effort of reaching out. Which is a lot. Because a whole lot of people who were part of your pre-cancer life don’t have any advise to give and that’s why go completely silent. Keep talking – give me the advise!!

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