The days are long and longer even as life gets shorter and shorter. The usual trick is to fill your awake time with so many things to do that time gets little choice but pass. But then there are days of doctor appointments – if we could add up all the time of waiting to see the doctor in the last 5 years, it would certainly fill up the calendar by a few months. Then there are the treatment days. Night spent in anxiety waiting for morning; morning spent in waiting for treatment to start; then to finish ; then wait to be allowed exit.then wait till the next round. Wait.

It is the most normal thing for any one to say they will call in the morning or tomorrow or revert. And for a person in my situation , the wait begins. And anticipation.Excitement. Hope. Of 95% of the time , the call never comes- nor the revert or the hope. But yes.Wait.
These days when any one tells me they are short of time – I can’t help but tell them they need to do time management. Time is the ONLY thing we have. The rest of it is waiting.

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