Real time Story

People never fail to amaze – human beings indeed have a unique way to perceive situations – most perceptions being based on self-absorption.  Conversations with people who are not a part of your daily life become both amusing and brutal – the brutality mostly escaping from my lips.  There are many many anecdotes but this particular one needs to be retold. So my son and I go up to the immigration desk on our return from visiting family in Malaysia. As expected, the chap looks me up and down and remarks that I have “chosen” grey over black too soon in life. Why, he went on, while we stood twiddling our fingers. I cut his free beauty advise short by saying that I have been in treatment and hair and its colour was the last thing on my mind. The guy looks up at me..gestures to U to move ahead and after affirming for himself that he was out of hearing distance asks me, “what cancer do you have?” I reply with the name, adding he needn’t have sent off U – we are okay about talking. To my disbelief the guy looks left and right and whispers that his wife underwent treatment for breast cancer. She was fine now but he was scared. He feared that he will also get the disease (AIDs style, you know, he explained).  By this time our passports were on the counter. So I picked them up and told him yes – in all possibility, you will. My husband has cancer too. And walked away without looking back.

U wanted to go back and punch his face as I related the conversation. No need to son. I had already delivered a tight slap. Often wonder about the wife though and all the women who carry the burden of these illogical men.


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