You look good!!

Aahaa !! Sure I do. But do I look like myself?  Honestly, every time I catch my self in the mirror ( since the diagnosis) , its hard to recognize myself. It’s a surprise each and every time because in my brain, I am expecting another me. Yet when I see pictures from pre-diagnosis days- cant recognize that person as well.

A few weeks before the diagnosis, a conversation about the “fair & lovely” biases of people with a friend had run aground to me being accused of not taking looks,colour and other such outer matters of life so seriously because I was naturally endowed and took beauty for granted. That conversation had to end there and then but I often revisit it to understand myself and my silence when any one compliments me!!

Do feel less angst than most women – most times it is hard to stay serious in bad-hair-day conversations of girlfriends. And feel light-headed at the hairdressers – sitting amidst young and old ,stressing over their hair , spending long hours and expensive treatments to keep it all together. Almost see a halo around myself ( a little narcissism is allowed no?) – floating above the skin and hair condition of humanity-;)


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