Cancer & Serendipity – in search of medicine man of Shimoga

How many promises of cure ? How many different ways to kill the cancer? How much economy and parallel economy running on the premise that there is relief somewhere?

As soon as I had a fair understanding of the nature of the cancer my body had chosen to carry – I have known that life will be about managing to keep above the disease – day to day – for as long as I live. That makes me open to all kinds of suggestions. The mainline options are clear cut. It is the alternate ones that range from unbelievable to doable to digestible to plain no-no.

I am usually suspect of any potion or powder to eat.  Fresh foods rich in anti oxidants are a big yes. But most of the time I can’t digest them. So when the cancer is beginning to shine for the third time in two years of surfacing, and you have been studying the grim and grimmer options of treatment ahead – a video clip received via whatsapp talking about the medicine man of shimoga suddenly seems a very viable action to take.

So begins an intensive effort to search for the man. Three people contacted in Shimoga region come back varying information on his availability. Seemed like a no-go. Meanwhile, a plan comes together of a trip to Goa with two friends who have hand-held me through this journey of last few years. So off we go to Goa. Medicine, medicine-man, surgery all put to the side for three days.

Now comes the serendipity part. At the end of our trip, I decide to get a foot massage. The guy starts off by telling me I have something going on in my stomach. As soon as I confirm to him he starts off with details about the MEDICINE MAN OF SHIMOGA – he came from the neighboring village.

Much excitement and logistical detailing later, A, U ( who decided to look into this adventure) and I undertook a leap of faith and converged in Goa , early last Saturday morning. By this time fragmented reports of the man not being there were in but since we had the details worked out, decided to go ahead anyways.

So we land in the sleepy but apparently rich village of Narsipur in Sagara taluka, dist. Shimoga early on Sunday morning. People were hanging around the house. Cars ranging from Wagon R, to Innova to BMW were beginning to drive up. Chennai,Bangalore, Mangalore – people had driven all night. Most of them the second time because they had felt a relief. But the man was not there. Only large notices that due to many other people starting to dole out the medicine in the area, the forest department had put a pause to this guys disbursal as well. We were given the privilege of going into the house on telling our story but were told to that he doesn’t have anything to give. We should try again after the 10th of May. meanwhile U had been looking around and was asking me what was the stuff lying around? I said the guy has supari plantations – this is the supari fruit. Betel nut ? Asked U. So you mean this guy is responsible for causing cancer and then cures it?

Oh well – we had a great holiday in an area I had long coveted to visit. The Western Ghats are a beautiful part of  India.

Will I go back for the medicine? Time will tell or if I could find another route to be discovered from another city-:))


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