FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) Q1. How are you? How are you feeling? A-   Good. Q2. So are you cured?  A- err..no..not really..well yes..for the time being..not in treatment. Q3. So are you feeling good? A- well – good within the framework of cancer. Q4. How’s the food? A-   Great! Q5. So why are … More FAQs


I UNDERSTAND. This statement and its presence in my life is almost hysterical. In the last two years, the amount of things I have ‘understood’ as well as the amount of times I have been ‘understood’ would easily be beatific if not saintly. Since I have ‘nun’ such ambitions, have found the most peaceful way … More I UNDERSTAND

Spirituality Ahoy!!

Spiritual / Spirituality – these words connoted a personal space, whatever it meant and however you practiced it –  in my growing up years. When and how they became the “business” of every one around must have happened in the intervening years. I seemed to have missed the hype or perhaps unconsciously kept it out … More Spirituality Ahoy!!