Spirituality Ahoy!!

Spiritual / Spirituality – these words connoted a personal space, whatever it meant and however you practiced it –  in my growing up years. When and how they became the “business” of every one around must have happened in the intervening years. I seemed to have missed the hype or perhaps unconsciously kept it out of my radar. But whoosh!!! How these words keep getting swept under my nose now that I seem to be in a tight corner, errr..spiritually. 
Born in a liberal Sikh home, schooled in a Convent School and read the underlined and foot-noted English version of the Quraan ( as guided by Papa to ‘know’ before speaking) , studied almost every metaphysical school of thought as part of the Philosophy degree, survived the very very turbulent time in Punjab, the base of which was religion and survived with all bonds intact, married into a Hindu family, raised a child to think for himself –  thinking and believing that my theory of  honesty of intention, kindness & compassion in words and action & along with a listening ear is a  good spiritual companion.
But then cancer happened. And no one wastes a second in demolishing a lifetime of belief  and throwing a new theory to PRACTICE  straight onto your face. This leaves me gaping usually, some times in amusement and others in irritation. I respect that my loved ones pray for me – please do, you are supposed to -;)) – but to expect me to suddenly take on Godly matters into public space and to start doing rituals just because I seem to be in need. Sorry folks! I still abide by my theory of  life and if you abide by yours – factor me in your prayers- but don’t pressurize me to do what you do. Respect. Thank you. Happily equipped forever.

3 thoughts on “Spirituality Ahoy!!

  1. N & I once had a discussion about how careful one is not to hurt the feelings of people who are religious, but they didn't have the same compunction about hurting your feelings as a lay person


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