Q1. How are you? How are you feeling?
A-   Good.
Q2. So are you cured? 
A- err..no..not really..well yes..for the time being..not in treatment.
Q3. So are you feeling good?
A- well – good within the framework of cancer.
Q4. How’s the food?
A-   Great!
Q5. So why are you not eating this? Or that?
A – actually am following a diet.
Q6. Which diet are you following?
A- my own diet plan – after trial and error.
Q7. Really? And your doctor allows?
A- err..never ask him.
Q8. Can you drink?
Q9. Doesn’t alcohol cause cancer?
A- yeah. But I already got it. A beer or an occasional martini won’t kill me-;)
Q.10. Do you go to work?
A- yes. I do. Every day. For a few hours – as many as I can manage.
Q11. Do you go out?
A. Yes I do. Choose the occasions and the timing. 
Q12. Are you on chemotherapy?
A. No I am on Stand By.
Q13. How do you pass time?
A- I don’t. Time is passing me by.
Q14. ( some times) and Sunita- you have been dying to say something?
A- err. I am dying. I mean we all are..I mean yes.. I wanted to say…
Q15. What is your prognosis?
A- Don’t know. Don’t want to know. ( go google on OVC stage IIIC!!!!)

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