Life..Wife..nothing stops

The day care in the oncology department is the ultimate life-leveler. Old,young and children. Rich and not so rich. Everyone has a bed or a chair – whatever they choose. Partition is only symbolic – perhaps a curtain or something. Conversations are inevitable and so is overhearing conversation.

More entertaining than any book is the drama of real life. Much happens but this particular Auntys’ admonishment of her husband brings back the giggles. Aunty – also the patient – accompanied by one of her sons, had spent all morning trying to reach her husband. She needed him to get some stuff for her when he came to the hospital. She spoke over the phone to various people – daughter-in-law, grand kids , maid – but couldn’t speak to the husband as he was in prayers – for the 3-4 hours that she had been calling. Anyways, when the elderly gentleman did arrive around lunchtime, aunty just about waited for her son to leave before taking on her husband.

“Prayer? All you do is pray. Do you even realize your daughter-in-law is waiting to give you breakfast? Only then she can carry out other chores. Pray!! Pray while your wife languishes in hospital. What kind of prayer is this that keeps your family waiting on their feet? I need my change of clothes and you are praying.The world has revolved by a quarter and you are not done with your prayers. what has prayer done for you? She went on and on till the old man finally got in his words.  ” I am praying for you only – and for everyone.”

Truly – life or even cancer doesn’t stop wife.  The nagger role remains with woman – whether she is the patient or the care giver. The uncles in the chemo ward get it in any case.

Wonder if this is for real?  Thought wife was the undermined figure in an average Indian family but obviously, I have been praying-;)


2 thoughts on “Life..Wife..nothing stops

  1. Luved the tightrope bit n Praying husband .
    Felt petty n foolish over the things I crib about.
    Reading this I felt r v being escapist ven v say b positive etc. Don’t know’! It’s serious matter n yet ur sense of humour. Luv u Gunna!


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