One year, One month, One week, One day, One hour, One minute, One second

Last two months have been looking so great that we actually made travel plans a month in advance. That is what happens – a few weeks of no major or minor incident and the brain forgets. And then the body shows up its importance.

So you are slowly getting into the rhythm of daily life – maintanence doses withstanding – and fine tuning the plans for the following month. The Mr. is busier than usual with work – travelling, Signings, speeches,  launches, and all that defines a working executives life.Followed by the next day in day care – getting the dose. All is still well. Sleeping off the medicine is the best way to come around it. The Mrs is cruising along too. Managing to travel a bit. Working off her anxiety with some help. Accepting some invites and inviting herself to others. All plans in place for June. For each day.

Except that this time, Mr.’s maintenance dose decides to be a little more troublesome than we have been attuned to. So there we are, within a couple of days, back to the emergency. Come back feeling relief then back again a few hours later. Back and forth , back and forth. Things taking a turn again and again. Not a panic situation but not a comfortable one either.

One year ago this time I was still under chemo. And A had no recurrence. One month ago, A’s recurrence and treatment had been dealt with and my marker was positively sluggish. One week ago we were in the Emergency with A in distress and not feeling settled.

(The first days of June are gone. And i am wary of pre-planning the year ahead.)

One day ago – yesterday – all feels okay and we decide to continue with plans from today onwards. Both the Mr. and Mrs. – back to normalcy. At least for now.
Waiting to fly off in one hour without knowing what the next one minute will bring. Ciao!


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