The Balancing Act

Hello World! A few days ago I happened to watch a street entertainer doing the tightrope act.He was dressed up in a joker’s garb. And every time he pretended to falter or accomplish, the audience of  wayside watchers would gasp or clap in elation.

Though we don’t realize it, we are all tightrope walkers (and jokers too) – constantly balancing out – trying to remain on an even keel. But we don’t pay much attention to our own striving since we are not performers! So no one gasps or claps in the everyday wonders of a routine life.

We look for greater feats – spiritual accomplishments, material successes or professional accolades. Many many people ask me about my own ‘evolution’ – the so-called ‘journey'( journey, by the way, requires a full post) that life has chosen to set me on – of how close to ‘awareness’ it must make me.

I am not sure of what meaning or place the above meditative jargon has in my life but what I am very conscious of is that life is all about keeping the right balance – between digestion and indigestion; pain and painkillers; sleep and tranquilizers; feasting and fasting; doing and undoing; going or not going;tears and laughter;silence and noise; calm and chaos; alone and together.

Most of the time I evade the discussion but in the times I do have to give my mantra about life –  its only about the simple routine of things. No more.No less. No higher.No lower. That is the daily tightrope walk of life. Its balancing act.


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