The Great Positive-Ity Drama

Daily life with its digital accessories is so flooded,bombarded and saturated with POSITIVE messages that even acknowledging a headache borders on the edge of negative thinking. Thankfully my nature is not too violent otherwise there would be damaged screens around all the time. Even in ‘real’ life , most of us feel obliged to keep the positive stance – ‘obliged’ , yes, because it is not humanly possible to BE STRONG , STAY POSITIVE, SMILE ALWAYS and sing into the sunset all the time.(unless of course you are Radhe Maa and then you just tilt your head,smile and get on..because you are pure and pious) IMG-20150326-WA0007 (2)

What is it about these ‘journeys’ of ‘inspiration’ , the ‘narratives’ of ‘awareness’ – my own personal head goes into a spin every time the word ‘journey’ is mentioned. Cancer Journey. Journeys have beginnings and ends and are full of adventure – known and unknown. Journeys are fulfilling. Cancer is NOT a journey – it is your blooming life gone awry. No body ought to be on this journey but statistics reveal 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will soon have cancer in their lifetime. Now that will require a whole lot of journeying for the human race to go from anywhere to anywhere.

So why is the great mass of positive thought being sent out into the universe on a daily basis not enough to combat disease?Why is disease not diminishing in proportion to the rising amount of positive thinking being churned out by all and sundry. If positive thoughts could cure disease, why hasn’t anyone put them into a capsule – to be taken twice a day, after meals? Or if the malady is serious, infuse intravenously? Laughter could be served in all meals – mid-day included – to ensure immunity against disease.Force fed where necessary – wouldn’t it solve the food shortage problem as well as be economically viable?

How & why, in the midst of this cacophony, do the cancer and me even remain relevant?


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