The fact that I have had to get back into treatment for the third time in less than 3 years has made my social media world very mushy and edgy. Whilst I can understand that the going is as tough for all you folks as for me, I do feel amused by the analyses on whatever I happen to say or post. Yesterday I posted something out of an old college text book of Logic that I happened to be looking through and by the end of the day had been called ‘despondent’. Since the comment came from my most respected English teacher, I looked up the meaning of despondent before replying to her comment, just to make sure she means ‘low spirited’. That made me realise how much we read into others with our own perception and how much of it is to do with the ease of social media. Emotional expression has become so blatantly simple that things that used to be awkward to say one to one are now easy to say in open to all forums. Well, I guess, it’s something we have to deal with.


Another fall out of this digital communication is the quantity of air that we are blowing out via kisses. I mean, as kids, kissing was no-no word. Then came the social kissing – cheek to cheek revolution. But now I receive dozens in a single whatsapp day. Me being me – always quickly draw a mental picture of the person sending it and do a quick oral hygiene audit – before sending one back. Usually stick to a beatific smiley icon. Well.


Being back in treatment has brought back the spiritualists ( who tend to lie low in the good days) and the curers. While I respect, respect, respect all your practices, it would help me to know that whatever I practice or whatever I explore in the alternate medicine world is with my intelligence and knowledge and that by not doing what you tell me to do I am NOT suicidal. I have my own back and so do the people who are part of my daily life. Meanwhile – my mantra -:)


STAY BLESSED is another usage that has seen sudden rise with the rise in use of smart devices. I remember asking for blessings in the convent school prayers but Stay Blessed for me implies both giving and assuming that one is already blessed. Well, that’s a tight corner to be in. While I AM blessed in many ways I surely could do away with some of this BLESSED status and be NORMAL. Even though my relationship with God is sketchy, I any day prefer GOD BLESS YOU because then I don’t start wondering about the person saying it and his/her responsibility in delivery of the blessings. Any ways, trying my best.


So when I made this avatar of myself via Bitmoji, discovered they didn’t offer white hair. Not that I have an inner secret desire to be a hamster, yet I had to select the lightest. So while I smirk under the blonde look, the world can once again tell me what it has been telling me -;)




So for all you beautiful people who are my readers here and on FB and Twitter and in real life, I really enjoyed writing this post. Hope you too.

P.S.  Am in good spirits and keeping just fine despite the onslaught.


P.P.S – Almost Forgot – Love you all -;)))





5 thoughts on “STAY ( ING ) BLESSED

  1. Firstly , absolutely amazing spirit .. Secondly ,absolutely amazing spirit .. Thirdly , absolutely amazing spirit … Love and light ..


  2. I come to realize that you don’t need to explain yourself in certain circumstances. Those who truly love you don’t need it , they will naturally understand. Your post is just awesome and full of beautiful words. Love ❤ you. Lots of Hugs and Kisses. God bless You, Me and the World.


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