Well we are Day 2 into September and I am already TEALING under the effect!! So much TEAL around and more coming all through the month!! can’t wait for it to all to unfold! Whilst the #weartealday is #5thSeptember, we can start cladding our social media world in TEAL colored images. Look at the world around you – pick your image. Write a small message breaking the silence on #ovarian cancer.


And then there is Janamashtmi co inciding with the WEAR TEAL DAY! What better than DIVINE GRACE OF LORD KRISHNA himself! image

With all the TEAL Blessings!! ( this adorable avatar is KRISHANG himself – bless the child!) With the 5th and Janamashtmi and my TEA-L party out of the way, those in Delhi can turn up at 6.30-700 a.m for the RAAHGIRI in Connaught Place. Join the Djembola United drummers as they BEAT THE TEAL!! Look out for iconic spaces as they get lit up for a TEAL September example the Niagara Falls !!image

nature plays its role too – amazing colors in feathers! teal is the colour of many birds from ducks to peacocks to teals themselves!! Look out for those and remember someone somewhere is struggling because she didn’t have the TEAL knowledge on time! image

Around 12th of September look out for a TEAL Party in Moonshine Cafe in Hauz Khas Village in Delhi. Rest of India, if you are feeling jealous, show us your will, and we will #TEALITUP for you! All you need is a venue and a guest list!!

we will keep the momentum going through September and update you on any new events that keep coming up. Leave the creation of excitement to us. just TEAL. meanwhile,image

REMEMBER – image

from all of us with OVC – striving and surviving – it’s a great comfort to know that.image



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