Permanent Tattoos/ Impermanent Life

IMG-20150326-WA0007 (2)

Had never given tattoos much thought. I only know I will never ever be able to get myself ‘inked’ as they term it. Till of course the young man, going on 18, negotiated one for himself as a coming of age present. I agreed to it, after poring over drawings on an A4 sheet and terms & conditions included ‘on turning 18’. When he came back with one, very obviously disproportionate to the size that had been approved and a few days before his birthday, all hell broke loose – in my head. Our one child-two parents set-up rarely had a situation that went out of hand but that day stands ‘permanently inked’ in my memory. Doors were slammed. there was a walk out and phones went unanswered. But a couple of days later it was me dabbing the antiseptic onto the tattooed area as we were on the brink of a football tournament and had to have it all healed and normal. The tattoo of contention had the words ” Remember you are mortal” in Elvish ( language from The Lord of the Rings trilogy)

Looking back to that day six years ago and to many in between, it is almost relieving to know that my son has been aware of the fragility of life even before life showered its fragility onto us.


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