Are you alone today?

Since visits to the hospital have increased manifold in the past six months, a lot of the times I have had to rush by myself. Not only me, but any one who lands up in the hospital by themselves is greeted by the “are you alone today?” question.

One such time that it turned into an overnight stay and the attendants had been sent home by yours truly due to the long and traumatic day they had had – got a hilarious dressing down from co-patients and staff. I was scheduled for a CT and the turn came around midnight. I was being a grumpy patient fussing on the time and the staff was asking me why I am alone. As soon as I finished my “we came alone, we are going to go alone” dialogue to their silent nodding of heads,another patient called out. ” That’s why its important to have someone with you. Mood remains okay.”

Ha Ha! The truth is hard to explain. It’s just that I never feel alone or lonely. Nor sad or depressed when alone. I could be grumpy even amidst people. And there have to be times that one is alone in the hospital. So I just smiled at the kind uncle in the daycare who had pulled over his chair to whisper some advise – I should never be alone : in the hospital or at home. If on the final day, UncleFB_IMG_1469463080284ji, I take with me some sure some one is going to ask ‘why are you NOT alone today?’



4 thoughts on “Are you alone today?

  1. long time no see, glad to find u kicking. I salute your confidence. Can you still drive yourself around? My peripheral neuropathy prevents me from driving a car but scooter is fine. Please mention how u cope with these side effects?


    1. Glad to hear from you. Stopped driving at all.The neuropathy drives me nuts -; !! Just accept it as new normal and it’s slightly easier to handle. Will try to be regular in the blog updates. Cheers!!


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