The Story so Far..

All of you following me on social media and otherwise know that I was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer back in November 2012. Since then life has been a whirlpool of treatments and all else that could be fitted in. I continued to work for two and a half years into treatment till both body and mind gave signals of stopping. I accelerated on my first love of travel and am grateful for each and every opportunity that has come my way to travel far and wide. During all this time my close-knit group of family and friends have been unconditional in their support. Especially when we are also dealing with A – my husband’s maintenance treatment.

A little more than a year ago I was told that I will now be on chemo for life. Till December of last year I was managing to travel and attend to other daily matters with some effort and some inspiration. Things on the treatment front needed more management this year and as I write it has been weekly chemo for 12 weeks. In this 9th month of the year – also my birthday month- I have been given a 2 week protocol. This is celebration time for me. Two weeks between chemo means I can get out and about once again! 

But before I plan anything else I want to be part of my annual commitment towards spreading Ovarian Cancer Awareness. The party is on on social media. Join in by posting and sharing pictures and information. The color for Ovarian Cancer is Teal. Wear Teal. Paint Teal. Just be aware.

Coming back to the treatment. I am currently on 5th line chemo. Sometimes I am surprised I have come this far. What lies ahead is not easy – whatever it is. Just so that we celebrate this moment!!


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